URBAN FLEXIBILITY, -rural, -urban & -suburban

Urban Design & Social Housing
Collado Mediano

Key points:
- urban planning and design for the development of urban land and growth strategies.
- residential use: social housing, medium density dwellings, and townhouses.

People are now moving to Collado Mediano, a small town situated in the northern suburbs of Madrid. Not only those who are looking for the nature connection and the convenience of being just a ride from the vibrant city of Madrid, also those that chose this place as a weekend and vacation retreat. 
Now this town of 7000 inhabitants is facing their own growth and change.

The plan and schedule for the coming years is to develop this rural land located near the town center fringe,  being the perfect opportunity to hold a sustainable growth and keeping the town character.

The urban design and residential proposal are sensitive to solve the land constraints and also at the same time promote a sustainable growth under a frame of good quality apartment design.