URBAN SCENE Europan13 Leeuwarden NL

Leeuwarden NL. Europan 13. Leeuwarden - Fryslân 2018
Collaboration with Juan Carlos Bueno

Competition entry. Urban Design

key points:
- heritage overlay
- development of two different strategic plans

It is proposed to revive the Eastern area of the city center of Leeuwarden using site-tailored strategies to increase the quality of the urban spaces to attract new activities and to turn Leeuwarden into the European Capital of Culture.

Some of this strategies are the following:
- keeping the city/neighborhood character (homogeneity of the historical facades, the pitched roofs, large windows, bricks facades) so pedestrians do not lose the sense of the place. 

-Behind the "heritage facade",  new buildings create a strong contrast with the pre-existing architecture. The new and the old are defined by the use of different materials, but still keeping a familiar form.

-Some urban spaces need a special intervention, such as Sint-Bonifatiuskerk, Niewstraatje Garage, Mata Hari´s birthplace and the old jail, where a tailored strategy has been applied to keep the place´s quirkiness and find the best approach.

You can see the proposal here! Europan13.nl