URBAN SCENE Europan13 Leeuwarden NL

Leeuwarden NL. Europan 13. Leeuwarden - Fryslân 2018
Collaboration with Juan Carlos Bueno

Life in the center of Leeuwarden is developed in the west area. Therefore it is proposed to revive the east area of center by "acts" that are able to increase the quality of urban space and attract new activities and people to turn Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture.


_THE HOMOGENEOUS applicable strategy

Most blocks have common features, being built according to dutch tradition. Originally they had a patio or interior space that has been filled and densified in a disorderly way.

One of the poinf if the intervention is taht the image of the city is continued by keeping the homogeneity of the historical facades as icon of the site. The pitched roof, large windows and the bricks facades make pedestrian does not lose the sense of the place. Behind these new facades built on new materials there is  a strong contrast with the pre-existing architecture.


There are some points in the homogeneous frame that does not respond to the applicable strategy. For this reason there are specific sites that need a special intervention such as Sint-Bonifatiuskerk, Niewstraatje Garage, Mata Hari´s birthplace and the old jail.

Jury report shortlisted

The quality of this proposal lies hidden in the various approaches that lead to interventions for six different areas on the project site. This leads to a genuine transformation in this part of the city. The jury is critical of the intervention in the project area in which the block is opened up creating a connecting street on a different hierarchical level than the existing streets. This certainly creates liveliness, but the added value is doubtful, in addition to which it is highly questionable whether the introduction of an extra spatial programme in this part of the city − struggling with a problem of shrinking − is appropriate.

You can see the proposal here! Europan13.nl