Final Thesis

Research work. Final Thesis (Master of Architecture)

Heritage. Urban design

A heritage focused intervention is the perfect excuse to turn the proposal into a complete urban regeneration.

Key points:
- Palace of the Duchess of Sueca refurbishment
- addition of new uses (mixed use) and spaces
- improvement of the attached urban spaces
- new urban spaces created

This proposal is the result of the sum of utopian actions where the social collective takes advantage over the administration and private businesses, leading to an utopian change. This change lies in the social collective contributions that generate a connected whole object (building+public space).

The urban reactivation is possible even with few economic resources because it is mainly supported by the strength of the collective, using social tools as additive concepts making a positive collage: "A cadavre exquis collectively assembled".

It is not a flat line of thought that generates an architectural object, it is a cloud of ideas, solutions, dreams, and assumptions that float around the mind of every architect or citizen who still believes in their positive actions/reactions.