About me

- Bachelor Degree in Science of Building Engineering, 2012

- Bachelor (Hons.) Degree in Architecture + Master of Architecture (with Honours), 2016

- Diploma of Project Management, 2017


I have been always attracted to Design and Arts, so becoming an architect was always my main aim.

I started working when I was undertaking my Architecture studies (M.Arch), in a Construction family company where I used to assist with different tasks.

Since then I have continued gaining experience and learning, having been involved in different roles as 3dvisualizer, Revit modeler or freelance designer.

I also have tasted the freedom of designing and self-manage different submissions and entries for international competitions (Europan13, COAM, young architects competitions), and as a result, visualization became one of my expertise along with the use of Revit.

Part of my qualification was also focused on Urban Design and Heritage, remaining the principles of these disciplines as part of my sensitiveness to explore the whole design process.

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CV, portfolio book version & cover letter under email request

Ainhoa Rafael, Graduate Architect, Melbourne VIC